Suppling Aluminium Stair & Step Treads Across Brisbane

Palmer Steel Industries are very proud to introduce the revised Stepco Aluminium Step Treads (patent number 2012211384). These  stair treads have been improved and updated to comply with the very latest Australian Standards, Building Code and OHS requirements. Not only do these aluminium step treads look great on just about any stairs, they help you meet your health and safety requirements. To complete the tread, Palmer Steel Industries are excited to offer a revolutionary, coloured, slip resistant nosing insert (registered design). Each nosing strip is manufactured from a 6060 T5 grade extruded aluminium alloy and is available in both Mill or Clear Anodised finish. They can be retrofitted to stairs, or added during the building process.


The Stepco Aluminium Step Treads come in 3 standard lengths of 900, 1000 and 1200mm. Custom lengths available to a maximum of 6000 mm on request. This makes them ideal for use on wide veranda stairs,  demountable buildings and decks. Located southside  Brisbane, contact us for all things stair treads.

An extensive range of stair treads

Domestic Tread

Clear Anodised Finish
Charcoal-Coloured Nosing
Diamond Pattern Slip Resistant Nosing

    • Options Include:
  • Nosing Colour-Matched To Suit Any Decor (surcharges apply)

Commercial Tread

Mill Finish
Safety Yellow-Coloured Nosing
Diamond Pattern Slip Resistant Nosing

    • Options Include:
  • Glow in the dark coating on nosing (surcharges apply)
  • Straight Cut Knurling (surcharges apply)

Straight Cut Knurling (shown in Safety Yellow)

*surcharges apply

Glow in the Dark Coating on Nosing

*surcharges apply

Continuing to improve our stair tread design

Although they look similar to our previous step tread, a number of important design changes have been made:

  • Width of tread has increased from 252mm to 262mm to allow for a 10mm overlap of treads in accordance with AS 1657-1992 item 4.3.1 (e).
  • Tread nosing is now a separate section which slides into (and has concealed rivets firmly fixing it to) the main body of the tread ensuring it will not come loose in high traffic areas.

sliding nosing

  • Is now patterned with slip resistant knurling which greatly reduces the risk of slipping along the length. This is especially beneficial on longer treads on decks and demountable buildings (available in two different designs).
  • In the event of the coloured nosing section wearing due to high traffic volume, it can easily be replaced or recoated without the expense or hassle of replacing or re-coating the entire tread.
  • A provision has been made to fit a solid, aluminium riser plate to block the gap between the treads. This gives the stair treads a clean, neat appearance whilst offering modesty benefits in public access situations (complies with the AS 1428 for the visually impaired to block glare from behind stair case on approach and enable a clearly defined edge of the stairs).

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