Galvanised Steel Posts/ Columns

At Palmer Steel, we’re proud to be one of the leading suppliers of  painted, galvanised and supagal steel posts in Brisbane.

Steel posts have many uses to builders in Brisbane – their uses are endless and they exist as an undeniably valuable tool. They are weather resistant, versatile and easy to handle. With our industry experience and unrivaled knowledge, we’re able to supply and fabricate any structural post or column – not only that, but we are able to work to your specific needs and requirements.

No job is too big or small for the highly experienced team at Palmer Steel. If you’d like to see how our friendly and expert team can help you with galvanised steel posts, contact us today.

Why choose our galvanised steel posts?

At Palmer Steel, we are proud to be a family run enterprise, and we have been for 60 years. The entire Palmer Steel team maintain a hard-working, positive attitude and a passion for providing the best quality galvanised steel products at the best possible prices. Not only that, but we deliver friendly service and expert advice to each and every client, as customer satisfaction is at the core of our values.

All our products are Australian Made and comply with the current building standards, and are utilised across the construction, renovation and civil work sectors. We have, and we continue to provide structurally sound products which help bring innovative architectural designs to life. Find out how we can find a steel solution for you today.

Enquiring about our galvanised steel

Are you ready to find out more about Palmer Steel galvanised steel posts? Then give us a call!

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team are happy to offer a free, no obligation quote – just bring in a plan! Alternatively, if you’re not sure what you need, our staff will be more than happy to share their insight and pass on some helpful advice.

Our galvanised steel posts, as well as our complete range of products are available throughout the greater Brisbane area.

For more information, or if you have any questions regarding our galvanised steel posts and prices, or any of our products or services, give us a call today on (07) 3349 9111.

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supagal adjustable post – straight top
supagal adjustable post – corner top
75x75x4 stock post.